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OEC Fiber Reaches 20,000 Subscribers

OEC Fiber announced today that it surpassed 20,000 subscribers online. Achieving this milestone in such a short period of time speaks to OEC Fiber’s tireless dedication to improve their subscriber’s quality of life through the safe delivery of fairly priced high-speed internet, TV and phone services. OEC Fiber broke ground in April 2018 and launched service in February 2019.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the work this team has done. The commitment of OEC and OEC Fiber to provide excellent service to their communities is what makes this all possible.”

David Goodspeed, president of OEC Fiber

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable internet and telecommunication services have become even more important in the last year. City-wide lockdowns and school closures forced everyone to find innovative ways to connect and learn.

“Having reliable high-speed internet has become a necessity during these unprecedented times. I am proud of the way OEC and OEC Fiber have risen to the occasion to ensure people have the service they need to keep moving forward in a time of extraordinary change. “

patrick Grace, Ceo of oklahoma electric cooperative

OEC Fiber is a subsidiary of Oklahoma Electrical Cooperative (OEC), governed by the OEC board of trustees and OEC Fiber board of directors. OEC Fiber is managed and operated by employees who embody the same attitude and spirit of OEC you know and trust. We have also partnered with the best in the business to bring you exceptional service. Our expert partners, Trans-Tel, Conexon, Calix, and Momentum, not only bring decades of experience, but are dedicated to OEC, OEC Fiber, and the subscribers we serve. Learn more at www.oecfiber.com. 

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  1. so excited to get this intalled 9208 sw 102nd st mustang is there an option to run the line to the house and also my shop 500′ away???

    1. Hi Bruce and Maria! We’re happy to hear you’re excited for your new service. We have run an additional service to shop buildings in the past. At that distance, it would most likely have to be a separate service with a separate bill. That is something we would need to look at on site. Be sure to inform the subscriber support representative that you want it run to an additional building when you sign up, and they will make sure your request is entered for the home and shop.

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