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OEC Fiber Reaches 25,000

Growth is exciting. Being able to improve someone’s quality of life while you do it, that’s even better.

“We have the best and most passionate team in the business. They set the bar and continue to raise it. From the techs in the field who are there for our subscribers seven days a week to the team members supporting subscribers 24/7/365, the entire team is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver an extremely affordable and reliable internet, phone, and TV service.”


OEC Fiber began construction in April of 2018 and connected our first subscriber in February of 2019. As of December 7, we have provided over 25,000 subscribers with a service that is rapidly becoming as essential as electricity.

Oklahoma is ranked 47th out of 50 states in terms of average speeds available. Only 79% of Oklahomans have access to at least 25 Mbps of download speed and 3 Mbps of upload speed. That’s not enough.

OEC Fiber is stepping up to fill the gap and ensure everyone can access these much-needed services. We are dedicated to providing quality, reasonably priced, high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to all of central Oklahoma.

“OEC Fiber does an amazing job of taking care of our members and subscribers. They take their mission of improving our members’ and subscribers’ quality of life seriously. Every decision is made with that in mind. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of such an outstanding organization.”


People are seeing their lives changed every day by the addition of OEC Fiber to their homes. From making working from home to saving on services, OEC Fiber is changing the world one subscriber at a time.

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  1. Any news on when we can get your internet? I see all these black cylinders on telephone poles all around us but yet no word of when we can connect. Close to SE 89th and Indian Meridian. Currently with Dobson. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jean! I cannot give you an exact timeline due to the many factors that can delay a zone opening! I will encourage you to sign up for updates at http://www.OECFiber.com and you will receive an email the moment your zone opens!

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