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Diagnose and solve your connection issues within a few minutes by using the OEC Fiber Support App.
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OEC Fiber App Suite

OEC Fiber App

Customize your online experience and manage your at-home Wi-Fi.

With the OEC Fiber app you can:

  • Run speed tests
  • View devices on your network
  • Set up a guest network
  • Manage parental controls

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Manage your OEC and OEC Fiber billing accounts all in one place.

With the My OEC app you can:

  • Schedule payments
  • Sign up for auto-pay
  • Go paperless
  • Set up text alerts
  • Contact us

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OEC Fiber Support

Troubleshoot any issues and let us assist you remotely.

With OEC Fiber support, we can help address the following:

  • Speed issues
  • Video buffering
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage issues
  • Devices that drop off the network

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