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Author: fiberadmin20

OEC Fiber Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

It has been three years since OEC Fiber broke ground on a project many believed to be impossible. The area was too vast and the cost too high. There was no way to bring high-speed internet to rural Oklahoma. Then again, they said the same

OEC Fiber Reaches 10,000 Subscribers Online

OEC Fiber announced today it has surpassed 10,000 subscribers online in just over a year of offering services to the public. This milestone demonstrates OEC Fiber’s commitment to serving Oklahomans with the most reliable high-speed internet, TV and phone services possible, all at a fair

OEC Fiber Names Noble an Official Gig City

OEC Fiber dubbed the City of Noble an official “Gig City” as elected officials celebrated, including Congressman Tom Cole, Oklahoma Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration, David Ostrowe, Senator Mary Boren and Representative Jacob Rosecrants. “I know a lot of people talk and advertise they’re

Subscriber Update #9: Device Shopping Guide

Now that you know OEC Fiber TV is coming, we wanted to explain a little more about the experience. With every OEC Fiber TV subscription, you receive a FREE set top box for your home. That’s right. No nickel and diming by charging equipment rental

Subscriber Update #8: TV Plans and Pricing

After months of planning, working and perfecting, we are ready to unveil OEC Fiber’s latest venture into giving you all that our #OECFiberFast services have to offer: OEC Fiber TV. Is it cable? Is it streaming? Yes. OEC Fiber TV offers you that familiar traditional cable TV

Subscriber Update #7: The Fiber Zone Map

We have heard your requests and are excited to announce we have a new zone map uploaded on our website! This new map replaces the now outdated fiber ring map as we move from connecting our substations and constructing our fiber backbone to building out

Subscriber Update #6: From Then to Now

As we move into 2019, we are shifting the conversation from Fiber Rings to Fiber Zones. We have finished construction on our Fiber Rings and have moved to the creation of Fiber Zones. These Zones will be how we introduce the ability to sign up for

Subscriber Update #5: Pricing Is Here!

Are you tired of the cost of your internet service constantly changing? Want a service that is fast and affordable? If you answered yes to either of these questions, today is your lucky day! OEC Fiber knows how important it is to stay connected in

Subscriber Update #4: Our Internet Packages

With summer behind us and fall on the horizon, we have several updates to share with you about the progress of OEC Fiber’s build out. We have stayed extremely busy all summer long running strand and fiber throughout our service territory to bring you high-speed

Subscriber Update #3: Our Progress and Process

It’s been a little over a month since we last touched base with everyone, but you can rest assured we are moving as quickly as we can through the construction and build out process as well as our internal strategies for communications, billing, and customer
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