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Keep Connected: The Importance of Battery Backups

Battery Backup

Installing a battery backup for your VoIP services can go a long way in keeping you connected when severe weather strikes. As storm season approaches, staying connected and informed becomes crucial to being weather aware.

Adding a battery backup for your home phone service works like installing a home generator, keeping you connected during a power outage. In the past, home phones maintained access to emergency voice services during power outages. Modern technology does not have this automatic connection.


What Your Backup Battery Can – and Can’t – Do


These devices let you continue to use your home phone during a power outage. Without this alternative power source, you wouldn’t be able to make calls during the outage, including emergency calls to 911. While many of us have cell phones today, cell towers can go down during a storm, leaving you unable to call for help. A battery backup ensures your VoIP phone can reach emergency services when the lights go out.


OEC Fiber has UPS backups available for purchase. These backup batteries do not provide power to services other than VoIP. Internet service, computers, home security systems, medical monitoring devices and other equipment will not run on a residential optical network terminal’s backup battery. Cordless phones and their base stations are not powered or charged by the backup battery. If you choose to purchase your own, there are brands available that can power your ONT, keeping your Wi-Fi going for as long as the battery lasts.


Purchase Options


There are several brands available at retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. OEC Fiber network technicians recommend APC when purchasing your own. Their long-lasting battery life and built-in surge protectors provide extra security during a storm. They also provide enough power to run your ONT or other devices you may plug into it.


Expected Power Duration


Many battery designs work for up to 24 hours, although there are no guarantees how long they last. Battery life will change as the battery ages. Read the instructions included with your battery backup system for proper use, storage and care to ensure that it will function as specified during a power outage. OEC Fiber recommends you store your battery above 14°F and below 120°F.


Testing and Monitoring


While rechargeable, the unit’s batteries will not last forever. Replace the batteries as shown by the unit instructions. The backup unit signals service needs with a red indicator light. You should test your backup battery, as described in the instructions included with your battery, to verify both the operation of the backup battery and its condition.


In the unpredictable dance of weather and technology, even OEC Fiber isn’t immune to the occasional storm-related outage. A battery backup provides the perfect solution, ensuring you stay connected when the power goes out. With a backup ready, you’ll always have the power to make the call when it matters most.

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