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OEC Fiber: Local Legacy

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative was founded to fill a need. Bringing electricity to rural Oklahoma revolutionized the way we live. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity. 84 years later, OEC Fiber is stepping up to fill the next great need. Reliable broadband.

OEC Fiber: True Reliability

Why is fiber to the home such a big deal? There is a ton of messaging out there telling us how great it is, but what makes fiber so much better than copper? One word. Reliability.

One Less Thing To Worry About

Moving is stressful. Your living room turns into a cardboard box obstacle course with one tiny path to move through, and you can’t find something when you need it. It doesn’t matter that you labeled all the boxes. The strainer is not in any of

Welcome to the Fiber Era

From the frontier days of AOL to Google becoming a verb, the internet has undergone some drastic changes in the last few decades. When the internet first became available in homes, the only option was dial-up. Nobody could be on the phone when you tried to get online. Then, you had to listen to a thousand pops, whines, and screeches while your computer struggled to connect. And remember how you had to stop what you were doing and sign off anytime someone needed to use the phone? It was infuriating… and slow. Can you imagine trying to watch Netflix on that thing? Impossible.

Subscriber Update #5: Pricing Is Here!

Are you tired of the cost of your internet service constantly changing? Want a service that is fast and affordable? If you answered yes to either of these questions, today is your lucky day! OEC Fiber knows how important it is to stay connected in

Subscriber Update #4: Our Internet Packages

With summer behind us and fall on the horizon, we have several updates to share with you about the progress of OEC Fiber’s build out. We have stayed extremely busy all summer long running strand and fiber throughout our service territory to bring you high-speed
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