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OEC Fiber: True Reliability

Why is fiber to the home such a big deal? There is a ton of messaging out there telling us how great it is, but what makes fiber so much better than copper? One word. Reliability.

Enhanced Service Keeps Help Within Your Reach

9-1-1. It’s one simple, three-digit number we teach every child to dial when they need help. Just tell them what is wrong and where you are. Easy as that. But what if you call and find yourself incapable of giving your address?    This is exactly

Subscriber Update #10: TV and Phone Coming March 23rd!

It’s been a few months since we last published an update about OEC Fiber TV. Back in October, we announced our plans, features, channel lineups and pricing. Until now, everything was “coming soon”. We are excited to announce we will be launching OEC Fiber TV

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