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Subscriber Update #10: TV and Phone Coming March 23rd!

It’s been a few months since we last published an update about OEC Fiber TV. Back in October, we announced our plans, features, channel lineups and pricing. Until now, everything was “coming soon”. We are excited to announce we will be launching OEC Fiber TV

Subscriber Update #9: Device Shopping Guide

Now that you know OEC Fiber TV is coming, we wanted to explain a little more about the experience. With every OEC Fiber TV subscription, you receive a FREE set top box for your home. That’s right. No nickel and diming by charging equipment rental

Subscriber Update #8: TV Plans and Pricing

After months of planning, working and perfecting, we are ready to unveil OEC Fiber’s latest venture into giving you all that our #OECFiberFast services have to offer: OEC Fiber TV. Is it cable? Is it streaming? Yes. OEC Fiber TV offers you that familiar traditional cable TV

Subscriber Update #5: Pricing Is Here!

Are you tired of the cost of your internet service constantly changing? Want a service that is fast and affordable? If you answered yes to either of these questions, today is your lucky day! OEC Fiber knows how important it is to stay connected in
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