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Connecting with the Community

Local support. Community pride. Being a part of something greater than yourself. These things are important. We all search for a sense of belonging and purpose in our lives and work. That is as true for companies as it is for individuals.

Can you really call yourself a local company when you know nothing about the places you serve? That’s why OEC Fiber prioritizes spending time with our communities. We want to improve people’s lives, but we can’t do that if we don’t get to know them.

The Fourth of July weekend allowed us the perfect opportunity to connect. We spent time getting to know the communities of Blanchard and Newcastle a little better by joining in on their celebrations. Cornhole challenges and Plinko prizes gave way to meaningful conversations about life, family and what we need in our homes as we move from watching firework videos online to enjoying the “rocket’s red glare” together.

Spending this time talking with the people in our communities lets us know the need for true broadband is still there. While the world is “returning to normal,” people are finding a changed landscape. Some are being told to work remotely on a permanent basis. Others prefer shopping online to going into the store. Regardless of the changes in your own life, the demand for reliable broadband is higher than ever. The old ways of connecting subscribers with copper cabling or only running fiber part of the way to their home or business just doesn’t provide the level of service many need in today’s world.

Sure, we can look up numbers and statistics to find the likelihood that fiber services are needed in any given area, but that’s only going to show us a broad overview. We want to know what is happening in our neighborhood. The only way we can learn what those we serve need is to spend time with them. Being local and involved with our communities allows us the ability to stay agile and constantly evaluate the service we provide against the needs of those we serve.

Our mission is to improve our subscribers’ quality of life. The only reason we can do that is because we are spending time with them one on one.

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