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We’re building a brand new, 100% fiber network to deliver some of the best internet in the nation to your home or business.

If your zone isn’t open and our crews are working in your neighborhood, they’re doing mainline construction to get your area ready for services.

There are four main steps during mainline construction:

Step 1: Boring and Pulling Pipe

To get started, our crews typically begin boring in your neighborhood. Boring is how we get our pipe from one point to another without destroying the existing ground or obstacles on the ground that are in between the two points. We can even bore under driveways, sidewalks, and fences.

Our fiber path follows existing electrical paths in most areas, so this means our lines may need to run through existing easements in your front, side or back yard depending on your property’s location.

Step 2: Pulling Fiber and Setting Pedestals

Once our pipes are in place, we can then begin pulling fiber through. This helps put fiber throughout the neighborhood to create the backbone of your future connections.

We also set fiber pedestals throughout the neighborhood during this step. Fiber pedestals house and protect branches of fiber, making it easy to access the cables when it's time to pull fiber to your home or office.

Step 3: Splicing

Step 3: Splicing

Once we have pulled fiber throughout your neighborhood and into fiber pedestals, we can then begin splicing. Splicing is extremely important because the quality of the splice determines the strength of the light traveling throughout the fiber network. The stronger the splice, the stronger the light will be, which means a stronger connection for you once you're connected to the network.
Step 4: Clean Up

Step 4: Clean Up

After the fiber network has been fully built in your neighborhood following steps 1-3 above, we will come back to clean up. Construction can be messy at times, but we will work to restore any affected areas of your yard or neighborhood once we're finished. We may need to make multiple visits to your area before we finish steps 1-3 above, but you can rest assured we will come back to put everything back the way it was.

If you have any questions or concerns about construction or restoration in your area, please call our contractor, Trans-Tel, or OEC Fiber directly at any time.

Trans-Tel: (405) 310-0796 | OEC Fiber: (405) 217-6868

What we do when we’re in your area

When our crews are beginning work in your area, they are instructed to leave a door hanger on your front door with more information. This door hanger is full of information about the construction of our fiber network and how it will affect your property. Sometimes these hangers get misplaced, so we’ve linked it here for you to check out:

Construction Flyer

We need your help, too

We have also included more information about locating non-utility lines on your property below. Feel free to call our contractor, Trans-Tel, at (405) 310-0796 with any questions you may have.

Property Locates
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