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Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

OEC Fiber is subject to certain requirements governing the use or disclosure of Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”). CPNI refers to your telephone service, and includes the charges on your bill, the services to which you subscribe, and your usage data and calling patterns. In short, CPNI is information about your personal use of our communication services.

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has mandated CPNI rules for all telecommunications companies designed to safeguard your information from anyone who is not authorized to have access to your account. The FCC rules require carriers to implement procedures to verify the identity of callers who want to discuss private account information or to engage in online transactions that would allow access to your account information.

In order to stay in compliance with CPNI rules, OEC Fiber will work with our telephone subscribers to assign them a CPNI password. Keep this password in a safe place. This password will be required for any of your future requests for CPNI-related information. If you are unable to give your CPNI password, OEC Fiber may choose to discuss call detail information with you by calling you at the phone number associated with your account or by sending information to your address of record.

The protection of your information is important to OEC Fiber. OEC Fiber acknowledges that you have a right, and OEC Fiber has a duty, under federal and state law, to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI.

In addition, OEC Fiber can disclose your CPNI to comply with any laws, court orders or subpoenas, or to provide services to you pursuant to your OEC Fiber’s General Terms and Conditions. Please be advised that once you opt-in, your consent will remain valid until you provide your notice withdrawing it. You may withdraw your consent at any time. More information can be found in the FAQ section below.

Regardless of your opt-in or opt-out status, you will still need to retain your CPNI password for any communication with OEC Fiber about your telephone services.

OEC Fiber takes our obligation to protect customer information seriously. If you have questions about this notice or about OEC Fiber’s specific commitment to the protection of your information, please contact OEC Fiber at info@oecfiber.com. 


What is CPNI?down arrow

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is information created by virtue of your relationship with OEC Fiber. This information includes services purchased (including specific calls you make and receive), related local and toll billing information, the type, destination, technical configuration, location and amount of use of purchased services. CPNI is personal and confidential information that involves both the customer’s purchasing and calling habits.

Why does OEC Fiber need my consent?down arrow

You have a right, and we have a duty, under federal law to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI.  Only OEC Fiber and its authorized agents will use your CPNI.  We will not share your CPNI with any other company or entity without your approval, except to provide your existing service(s) or when we are required or authorized by law. We need your express consent to share CPNI among our divisions or affiliates if they provide services that you are not subscribed to, including the Oklahoma Electric Cooperative and contractors or organizations that provide important support to OEC Fiber in servicing your account.

How do I give my consent to share CPNI?down arrow

All new OEC Fiber phone subscribers will be asked to consent to share CPNI during the onboarding process. If you are porting an existing phone number over to OEC Fiber, you will receive a link via email to a form with more information to port your number and to give authorization to use CPNI obtained from your phone service(s) to more effectively provide existing services. If you are not porting an existing phone number and getting a new one for your OEC Fiber phone services, you will receive a link to give authorization to use CPNI obtained from your phone service(s) to provide existing services more effectively.


Can I change my mind about giving consent?down arrow

Yes, you can withdraw your previously–given permission to share CPNI by contacting OEC Fiber. If you are a commercial subscriber, you may have one of your authorized account representatives contact OEC Fiber.

How can I opt out of CPNI sharing?down arrow

Email OEC Fiber at info@oecfiber.com with your name, address and account number and simply request to opt-out of CPNI sharing.

How am I affected if I decide to not provide my consent?down arrow

The decision to disallow the sharing of CPNI will not affect the services that you currently obtain from OEC Fiber. However, the inability to share your CPNI may make it more difficult for OEC Fiber to offer you new communications–related products and services in the future.

How does this affect you?down arrow

If you are an OEC Fiber telephone subscriber and you call or stop by OEC Fiber’s office in the future, you soon will be asked for your CPNI password or an answer to one or more of your security questions. If you do not have any of this information on file, OEC Fiber will ask you to complete the CPNI forms to create a password and answer the security questions before releasing any customer detail or take an order for service. Until a password is established, OEC Fiber may choose to discuss call detail information with you by calling you at the phone number associated with your account or by sending information to your address of record.

Who decides the password?down arrow

Your password has been randomly assigned. According to the rules, biographical information is not allowed as part of the password. Biographical information includes Social Security number or the last four digits of your Social Security number; home address; mother’s maiden name; date of birth; etc. You can change your password at any time by having one of your authorized account representatives contact OEC Fiber.

What about my directory information, is that biographical?down arrow

Referred to as Subscriber Directory Information, if this information is published, it is not considered CPNI.

Will I be notified of CPNI account changes?down arrow

Yes, you will be notified via email to your email address of record. OEC Fiber is required to notify customers following a change of password, a customer response to a back-up means of authentication for lost or forgotten passwords, a change to your online account, or to your address of record.

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