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Enhanced Service Keeps Help Within Your Reach

9-1-1. It’s one simple, three-digit number we teach every child to dial when they need help. Just tell them what is wrong and where you are. Easy as that. But what if you call and find yourself incapable of giving your address?

This is exactly what Enhanced 911, or E-911, was designed for. With E911, your phone number and address are automatically provided to the dispatcher. So, even if you find yourself unable to speak, you can still get help as quickly as possible.

E-911 comes standard with every OEC Fiber phone subscription. Our technicians attach your physical address to your phone number when scheduling your installation. That address will automatically appear for 911 dispatchers when you call, ensuring they know where you are.

While this service is available for cell phones, it does not offer the same reliability as a home phone. E-911 cell connections can only provide approximate locations.

The difference between dispatchers knowing your block and your address could literally be life or death, making this feature one of the most important OEC Fiber Phone offers.

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