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OEC Fiber Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

OEC Fiber Three Year Celebration RESIZED Blog Feature Image

It has been three years since OEC Fiber broke ground on a project many believed to be impossible. The area was too vast and the cost too high. There was no way to bring high-speed internet to rural Oklahoma. Then again, they said the same thing about electricity.


“I couldn’t be prouder of the work this team has done. The commitment of OEC and OEC Fiber to provide excellent service to their communities is what makes this all possible.”



In the three years since OEC Fiber began its mission of taking service where no one else would, we have crossed several milestones. We now have nearly 20,000 subscribers online and have laid over 3300 miles of fiberoptic cable. That is enough line to reach from our headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma to Juneau, Alaska. Can you believe it? All of this in only three years!

We worked hard to make sure everyone could stay connected during one of the most tumultuous times the world has ever seen. The COVID-19 pandemic forced people into their homes for months on end. Internet turned into a necessity. Classrooms and workplaces alike became virtual overnight. OEC Fiber rose to meet that challenge, connecting over 12,000 subscribers in 2020 alone.

It has been a remarkable three years, and the best part is that this is only the beginning.

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