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Giving Guests Access

thanksgiving blog post



How many times has someone come for a visit and asked for your Wi-Fi password? If you’re anything like me, it’s more times than you can count. We hand over our Wi-Fi password like we are passing out cookies at a potluck, but maybe we shouldn’t.

Protecting your Wi-Fi password is every bit as important as protecting the password to your bank account. Having a separate password for your guests is a quick and easy way to share your Wi-Fi without giving away your password.

Not sure how to set one up? Click on the image of your network equipment below to learn how!




Pro Tip: Don’t use the same password for your guest access as you do for your personal access. Having different passwords adds another layer of security for you and your information.

Having separate guest access for your home is a great way to share your Wi-Fi without giving out more information than you should. The setup is quick and easy and can save you a world of headaches in the future.

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