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Business Phone | Speed Dial

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Add frequently dialed numbers for quick and simple access.

1. Login to online account
2. Click Settings
3. Click the View / Edit option following Speed Dial
4. Click Add Contact
5. Enter First Name and Last Name of Speed Dial Contact
6. (OPTIONAL) Select Primary Phone type: · Home · Mobile · Work ·\
7. Select appropriate Speed Dial Code (codes 00 – 49 available)
8. Click Save

1. Dial *75 and wait for the tone
2. Dial appropriate Speed Dial Code followed by the user’s 10-Digit Phone Number (Example: 03+800-555-1212)
3. Listen for a confirmation message

To Use Speed Dial:
1. Listen for a dial tone
2. Dial # followed by appropriate 2-digit Speed Dial Code

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