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Business Phone | Voicemail to Email

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Receive voicemail messages via email for up to 5 email addresses.

1. Login to online account
2. Click Settings
3. Click the View / Edit option following Voicemail
4. Select Use Unified Messaging or Forward to this Email Address
5. (OPTIONAL) Enter destination Voicemail to Email Notification Address(es)
• Enter up to five email addresses for Use Unified Messaging
• Enter a single email address for Forwarding to this Email Address
Check to Enable / Uncheck to Disable Phone Message Waiting Indicator
6. Check to Enable / Uncheck to Disable additional Voicemail to Email options
• Notify me by Email of the new message at this address
• E-mail a carbon of the message to a desired email address
• Transfer on ‘0’ to Phone Number
7. (OPTIONAL) Enter Email Address(es) / 10-Digit Phone Number following enabled option(s)
8. Click Save

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