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Learn About OEC Fiber

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Learn About OEC Fiber

Who we are and why is the way we’re doing things different than the rest.

OEC Fiber was founded on the same principles that brought us OEC over 80 years ago. We are reinvesting in Oklahoma by bringing high-speed fiber services to your homes, businesses, and schools. We understand that high-speed internet access is a key ingredient to a healthy 21st-century economy. Connected communities are proven to create jobs, attract new employers and directly jump-start local economies.
Here at OEC Fiber, we are managed and operated by employees who embody the same attitude and spirit you have grown to know and trust from OEC. We have also partnered with the best in the business to bring you exceptional service. Our expert partners, Trans-Tel, Conexon, Calix, and Momentum not only bring decades of experience but are dedicated to OEC, OEC Fiber and the members we serve. We are a local company here to improve your quality of life through the safe delivery of highly reliable, reasonably priced fiber services coupled with exceptional customer service.
The following are other ways OEC Fiber is different from the internet companies you’re familiar with:

Uploads as fast as downloads

Share pictures of your vacation faster than ever with upload speeds that match our download speeds.

No data caps

Use as much data as you need without worrying about data caps or overage fees.

Transparent pricing structure

No hidden fees, no equipment rental fees, no introductory pricing, no surprises.

No residential contracts

We’re so confident that you’ll love OEC Fiber that we won’t even make you sign a contract. You’re welcome to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your services any time.

Fiber all the way into your home or office

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