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OEC Fiber TV | DVR Recordings

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Set it now, watch it later. 

A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is a simple way to watch your favorite shows when it is convenient for you. Every OEC Fiber TV subscription includes free DVR storage accessible across all profiles. There are no limits to the number of channels that can be recorded simultaneously. The only constraint is the number of hours allowed with your subscription tier. DVR storage is shared across all profiles. Once a show is recorded, it is accessible by everyone on the account both at home or on the go. Access recorded shows on the go on nearly any device with an internet connection.

OEC Fiber TV allows the user to record any TV program and watch it when convenient. It also allows the user to schedule recordings, play back shows, delete and manage recordings from all OEC Fiber TV devices at home or on the go through the OEC Fiber TV app. The DVR allows for all of your favorite options, like end a recording late, record only new episodes or choose channel preferences. 

Real-time storage capacity for the account is shown at the top right of the Manage Programs screen (found under your profile). If you need more hours than your current subscription tier allows, additional DVR storage options are available. Call OEC Fiber at 405-217-6868 for more information.

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