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OEC Fiber TV | Guide

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If you’re familiar with traditional cable, you will recognize the look and feel of the OEC Fiber TV guide. You will be able to browse what’s on now as well as upcoming shows. You can also filter by movies, sports, kids or subscribed channels. 

Navigating the guide: Here, you will use the arrow buttons on your remote to click through live TV and upcoming shows on the guide. When a currently playing program is highlighted, press the select button once for a quick show description. If the show is on now, a live sample of the show will display to the right of this information for a sneak peek. Inside this quick view, you can set recordings as well as go to the full show or movie details page. 

If you navigate to the far left on the guide screen past “On Now”, a pop-up overlay will appear for Replay TV, click here for more info. Press the select button to explore the Replay content by channel. 

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