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OEC Fiber TV | Main Menu

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The main menu is where everything starts. It’s where you will first begin to get familiar with OEC Fiber TV. The main menu will have 5 immediate options that we will discuss in more depth, but here is a quick run through. Click on any of the titles for more information.

1. Home: The Home feature screen supports shows, movies, networks, and service content types.

2. Guide: This is the traditional listing of channels that lets you browse both forward and backward in time to see what’s on and what’s coming on later. Replay TV is also accessed in the guide. 

3. Shows: View your recorded shows and browse by categories such as “What’s On Now”, “Action”, “Drama”, etc. 

4. Movies: You can view recorded movies and browse live, upcoming and recently aired but still accessible movies by categories. 

5. Profile Settings: Manage settings such as DVR recordings, parental controls, user profiles and other information. 

6. Search: Explore live, upcoming and replay content across the entire app by show, movie and many other options. 

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