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OEC Fiber TV | Parental Controls

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To restrict available content by ratings on OEC Fiber TV, activate Parental Controls in the Settings menu as described below. Parental Controls constrain full view access to content rated R, TVMA or NC17 unless a PIN is entered. Full access to the content resumes after entering the correct PIN. It is highly recommended to at least set up a PIN. This will need to be entered prior to viewing any mature content rated R, TVMA or NC17. 

The Parental Controls setting is either enabled or disabled and is accessed through the Profile Settings in the Main Menu. At first access, the user will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. This PIN will be used to restrict access to the Parental Controls and mature content. You can also change or reset your PIN from this menu. 

NOTE: Content that is restricted by the Parental Controls settings will still be viewable through the Picture in Picture display. Parental Controls are predicated on the content being rated. On occasion, one may encounter some programming not rated by the content provider. At this time, Parental Controls are limited to live TV viewing. 

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