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OEC Fiber TV | Replay TV

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Replay TV allows access to up to 72 hours in the past of already-played programming, depending on the availability and permissions from each content provider. To access Replay TV, first bring up the guide then navigate left, or backward in time, past the “On Now” column. A pop-up panel will appear, which gives you the option to “Replay Recently Aired Programs”. Click “Replay” on the pop-up with the select button on your remote and the screen will transition to the Replay TV section. Replay content is available up to the last 72 hours on the channel that you have highlighted within the guide. Programs are arranged in reverse chronological order from right to left. The most recently-aired program will be the first image seen. Navigate to the left for older channel content. To navigate to different channels within the Replay TV screen, use the up/down arrows to see all of the content available from the selected channel. 

NOTE: Replay TV can be instantly reached by using the “A” button at the top of your remote. Click here to see our remote guide.

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