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Residential Phone | Online Voicemail Features

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• Aliases: This allows you to enter numbers, which when called from, make your voice messaging box act as if you called from your office phone. 

Greetings: This allows you to set the number of rings before reaching your voice messaging box. Click here for instructions how to record greetings using your handset. 

• Voicemail Management: This allows you to specify how to handle your voice messages. Use unified messaging if you want to use your phone to retrieve voice messages. You can also choose to send the messages straight to your email and not use your phone for voice messaging. 

• Voicemail Password: This allows you to reset your 4-digit voicemail password. 

• Voicemail Portal: This allows you to set a personalized name and set voice portal auto-login option. 

• Voice Messages: This allows you to retrieve and manage your voicemail messages. Refer to the image below for instructions on managing this feature: 

1 – Click the Voice Messages link to open the feature page. This will load a page similar to the image below. 

2 – Click to Play a voicemail. 
3 – Click to Save voicemail as a .WAV file to your computer. 
4 – Click to Forward a voicemail. 
5 – Click to Delete a voicemail. 

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