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Residential Phone | Voicemail

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Send calls to a personal voicemail while on another call, not at the office or too busy. Messages can be conveniently retrieved by phone, online account or email. 

First Time Setup or Reset Voicemail Passcode: 
1. Dial *98
2. Enter default passcode 8642 and press # (first time setup). 
3. Following passcode has expired prompt, enter a permanent passcode and press #. 
4. Re-enter permanent passcode and press #
5. Follow the rest of the prompts to record name and greetings. 

To Access Voicemail: 
1. From on-network phone: dial *98. From off-network phone: dial your 10-digit phone number and press * when greeting starts. 
2. Enter passcode and press #

Main Voicemail Menu Options: 
[1] To access voicemail. 
[3] Record name. 
[8] To change passcode. 
[9] To exit the voice portal. 
[#] To repeat this menu. 

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