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OEC Fiber TV | OEC Fiber TV approved devices

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With every OEC Fiber TV subscription, you receive a FREE set top box for your home. That’s right. No nickel and diming by charging equipment rental fees. Everything you need for a great experience is 100% included in the price of our packages.

For those of you who are comfortable navigating apps and streaming your favorite shows and movies, you have the option to utilize our set top box as a state-of-the-art streaming device. You can navigate out of the OEC Fiber TV app to a home screen, where you can use the Google Play store to download all of your favorite apps (think Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.) directly to your OEC Fiber set top box. When you can’t find anything you want to watch on TV, this makes it easy to navigate to a different streaming service while you wait for your favorite shows to come back on OEC Fiber TV.

Our set top box also has a built-in Chromecast, meaning you can stream videos, shows and movies directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop right to your TV through your OEC Fiber TV set top box. OEC Fiber TV really is the best of both worlds with tons of streaming options coupled with all of your favorite cable TV channels and features.

You mentioned an OEC Fiber TV app. Can I watch OEC Fiber TV on other streaming devices?

While we think our set top box is pretty great, you do have the option of watching OEC Fiber TV by downloading the OEC Fiber TV app onto a number of other streaming devices. Below is a comprehensive list of choices in streaming devices that will work with your subscription. All of these are available anywhere you would buy new devices.

For more information about downloading the OEC Fiber TV app on an approved device, click the button below.


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