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OEC Fiber TV | How to pair your OEC Fiber TV remote to your TV

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Most of the time, your OEC Fiber TV remote will automatically pair with your TV when your HDMI cord is plugged into both your set top box and TV. If not, use the video guide or the written directions below to program your remote to your TV. Simply follow along by pressing the same buttons highlighted on the remote in the video on your remote at home.

If you prefer text instructions, see the step by step directions beneath the video.

If you need to factory reset your remote for any reason, click the button below for step by step directions.

Text directions for pairing your OEC Fiber TV remote control to your personal TV

  1. Press the “Home” key on your remote to return to the Home/Apps screen.
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate up and to the right to the settings icon (it looks like a gear).
  3. Select the settings icon.
  4. Select “Remotes and Accessories”.
  5. Select “Amino-Maxi”.
    1. If there are multiple, select the one that is indicated as connected.
    2. If there are no remotes paired, then the system will enter pairing mode and the remote will need to be paired. Please call technical support at (405) 217-6868 for more information about pairing your remote to your set top box.
  6. Select “Simple Setup”. The simple setup app should appear and music should begin to play.
  7. Select “Begin” and the app will attempt to auto-recognize the connected TV.
    1. TV auto-recognition successful:
      1. A success screen will appear and ask the user to verify volume button functionality.
      2. Select “Complete” to exit the program.
      3. Press the “Guide” button to enter back into the OEC Fiber TV app.
    2. TV not recognized:
      1. A prompt will appear with a list of TV manufacturers.
      2. Select your TV brand (note: some TVs are white label and made by a different parent company, which may be the brand that needs to be selected).
      3. Follow the instructions to press and hold the “Mute” button as the remote cycles through the various TV codes.
      4. Upon finding the proper code, release the mute button and select “It works”.
      5. Select “Complete” to exit the program.
      6. Press the “Guide” button to enter back into the OEC Fiber TV app.
    3. RCU does not support Simple Setup error bubble:
      1. This error is caused by the remote control running outdated firmware.
      2. Remove a battery from your remote control.
      3. Wait 10 seconds.
      4. Replace battery.
      5. Upon boot, the remote should update.
      6. Re-pair remote control to set top box and repeat step 6 above.

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