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How long is the wait for OEC Fiber?

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Building OEC Fiber’s network involves laying thousands of miles of brand-new fiber optic cable along OEC’s existing electrical path. These fiber lines eventually run into your home or business, connecting directly to our optical network terminal (ONT). The ONT, provided free of charge with each account, then provides services directly to your devices via a wired or wireless connection. Our 100% fiber network allows us to offer unrivaled speeds without data caps to give you some of the best internet in the nation.

Our entire system build-out is essentially a huge construction project, so variables like weather can impact our timelines. We assure you that we are working as quickly as possible to bring our services to your street safely. Remember, our entire system will take several years to build out and we’ll have enough line to stretch from OKC to Athens, Greece when we’re all finished!

The following is a summary of what we do from start to finish to build out our network and ultimately get you connected. While we understand that no one likes to wait, our team is working quickly and diligently to get you connected as soon as we can.

Plan the network

OEC Fiber is following OEC’s electrical path in most places. This includes aerial and buried lines as well as many obstacles along the way. Once we have a basic idea of where we will install fiber, our crews conduct a ride out to ensure the planned design will work in reality. This can take anywhere from weeks to months. This stage often takes much longer for non-OEC areas because we must work to gather more data about the area.

Design the network

Once a path is planned, our crews take that information back to the office to finalize the system design. From noting the poles along our path to determining the number of subscribers along each path, huge amounts of time go into our system’s design.

Build the network

After our network is planned and designed – including detailed diagrams, maps, and spec sheets – we can begin construction. During this step, you’ll see general network construction, called mainline construction, occurring in neighborhoods throughout our service territory.

Bring Fiber to your home or business

The final phase of bringing our services to your home or business includes a multi-step installation. You can learn more about what it takes to install OEC Fiber services at your home or business by clicking here.

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