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What does the installation process look like?

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The installation process for businesses is very similar to the installation process for homes. Once you sign up for service, there will be a two-phase installation process. Check out the graphic below for more details on what to expect during each phase.

Pull Fiber

We pull fiber from our main lines and follow power lines to attach the fiber to your home/business during phase 1 of the install. It will be hung or buried underground.

Install NID

In the final part of phase 1, we install a NID and attach the fiber line to the inside of the NID. The NID is located near the electric meter on your home or building.

Pull Fiber Again

We pull fiber into your home/business from the NID and into your home or business. The path we take into your home or business varies depending on the specifics of your building.

Fiber Run

The fiber runs all the way to the central hub where you prefer your ONT to be located inside your home or office.

Fiber Connected

The fiber is connected to a fiber jack inside of your home or office, where it gets plugged into the ONT device we provide.

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