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Will OEC Fiber be available to everyone?

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Not everyone living within our service territory are OEC members. If you’re wondering if OEC Fiber will be available to everyone, read on to learn more.

We fully believe it is our responsibility to offer services that improve the quality of our members’ and future members’ lives.   As technology evolves, so do our members. We believe that reliable, affordable, accessible and fast fiber services are essential for everyone. We plan to build to all OEC members eventually, so if you have OEC electric, OEC Fiber is coming your way!

While OEC members are our priority, we will be able to connect non-OEC members in our service territory as well. The best way to ensure we make it to non-OEC neighborhoods is to sign up for updates and to encourage your neighbors to sign up too! The more interest in any given non-OEC neighborhood, the more likely we are to head your way soon!

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