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a month ago
There several steps to getting OEC fiber. All total it took about 2 weeks. Not bad considering it was in freezing temperatures with a little bit of ice thrown in. The field techs were very respectful of the property. The installer was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. I had a choice of COX (no way), AT&T fiber (many complaints) or OEC fiber. I am glad I chose OEC. Their pricing was much better than their competitors.
a week ago
We were not impressed with the 3rd party installer. Neither of the 2 installations did they call before arrival nor did they have or show any type of ID. The interior installer barely spoke english, so there was a lack of communication and instruction. But, we were very pleased with the OEC people we spoke with and that they resolved our questions and concerns very quickly. We are now looking forward to our OEC Wifi service and being free from COX Cable!!!
2 weeks ago
Love OEC Fiber and their crews. This install was a little slow, I feel like we got lost in the shuffle a couple of times. But they were fast, neat and friendly once they got here. Recommend over all the rest.
2 weeks ago
Much faster than cable internet. Amazing response and low ping times. OEC communicated every aspect of the install. Saving $100 a month is an added bonus. We get the 1gig up 1gig down service. Couldn't be Happier
2 months ago
Love the Gigabit Internet connection and the quality of service received from OEC Fiber. If you are tired of problems with Cox and AT&T, switch to OEC Fiber, you won't regret it. This is the third home that I've had OEC Fiber installed and it's so much better than Cox or AT&T. Great Customer Service as well. They truly appreciate loyal customer's unlike the other two previously mentioned companies.

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