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Installation Information

Getting Connected

From fiber line to online

Before we show up

First, we locate

A utility locate is a meticulous process of identifying and marking the underground presence of various utility lines and infrastructure, such as electrical cables, water pipes, gas lines, and telecommunications cables. This crucial procedure ensures the safety of excavation projects by preventing accidental damage to essential services.

  • Our crews paint a white line along the proposed fiber cable path.
  • We then call OKIE811 to request the locate.
  • Public utilities have 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after the call to come out and locate their existing electric, phone, water, cable and gas lines by placing flags in the ground.
  • After all public utilities are located by Okie, our crews will begin the drop within 10 business days. Occasionally, this can be delayed with variables such as weather and demand.

Then comes the drop

As our crews move along our planned route in your area, OEC Fiber certified installers bring fiber cables from our existing network to the side of your home or business. When we arrive at your home or business, we will knock on your door or ring your doorbell to let you know we are working on your property. Even if you are not there, we will move forward with the drop.

  • An OEC Fiber certified technician will splice a fiber cable from our existing network. Our fiber lines typically follow the existing electrical path on your property.
  • We will bury this fiber cable by trenching or boring the path along the white line placed during the locate.
  • We then install a Network Interface Device (NID) to the side of your home which connects back to our network. The NID is typically installed on an exterior wall near your electric meter.

Next is the light reading

Once your drop installation is complete and the Network Interface Device (NID) is properly mounted on the side of your home or business, our technicians proceed with a light reading. This important step is crucial for ensuring the utmost integrity of the network and optimal signal strength to your premises.

  • During the light reading, our skilled technicians carefully analyze the transmission of light through the fiber optic cables, which are securely connected to your home or business.
  • By inspecting and monitoring the light’s path, we ensure that no signal loss or disruption occurs along the way, thereby guaranteeing a seamless and reliable connection.
  • This is a critical step to make sure you have a fast reliable connection.

Finally, interior installation

The interior installation is the final step when our certified installation specialists install your equipment and get you online.

During this process our specialists utilize RouteThis Certify to eliminate dead spots and ensure your home has great Wi-Fi coverage.

  • We will call you at the number listed on your account to schedule your in-home or in-business installation and finalize your package selections.
  • Our installation specialists will call or text you when they’re on their way and will bring everything they need to install services in your home or office.
  • Someone 18 years old or older must be present for this portion of the installation.
  • Your locate, drop and light readings may happen quite a while before your interior installation. We will contact you to schedule your installation appointment as soon as we are ready to complete this final step in the install, so no need to worry.

Hooray! You’re Connected!

All that’s left is to enjoy blazing-fast fiber speeds! 

If you have any questions about your new services, feel free to reach out to us through our support page or call us directly at (405) 217-6868. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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