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Install-ready: What to Know Before We Arrive

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install ready

It’s time to celebrate because your day has come! OEC Fiber is about to be installed, and you’re one step closer to lightning-fast internet. Before the installer arrives, make sure you’re install-ready.



1. Make sure you’re home.

Since we will have to enter your home, someone 18 or older has to be there in order for us to finish your installation.

2. Answer your phone.

Our installation specialists will call or text you from their cell phone when they are on their way. We won’t be able to give you the number ahead of time. So be prepared to answer the call from an unfamiliar number.

3. Don’t worry about the equipment.

We will bring all the equipment you need for your fiber service. If you would rather use your own, tell us before your appointment so we can be prepared to set up your network for alternative equipment.

4. Clear a pathway.

Most installations require access to your attic. If you have one, ensure we can get in and have a pathway to move around. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. We can still install your service.

5. Look for ID.

All our installation specialists have a badge with their photo and name identifying them as OEC Fiber-certified installers. If someone says they are with us and does not have this, call us.


That’s it!

We want your installation to be a breeze. Following these simple steps to be install-ready and make sure you keep your phone handy. We will keep everything else running at the speed of light.

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