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Fast. Reliable. Local.

We strive to provide our subscribers with the best possible experience.
OEC Fiber brings the power of high-speed fiber services directly into your home.

Upload Speeds
Download Speeds
Unlimited Data
Number of Devices
Professional Installation
24/7 Technical Support

Fiber Home 100

Upload Speeds

up to 100 Mbps

Download Speeds

up to 100 Mbps

Unlimited Data
Number of Devices

5+ Streaming 4K Video at Once

Professional Installation
24/7 Technical Support

Fiber Home Gig

Upload Speeds

up to 1,000 Mbps

Download Speeds

up to 1,000 Mbps

Unlimited Data
Number of Devices

10+ Streaming 4K Video at Once

Professional Installation
24/7 Technical Support

We also offer dedicated services for your home. Contact the Fiber Business Team for a custom quote.

We've got you covered with the OEC Fiber App Suite

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With the OEC Fiber App Suite, you can manage your network, pay your bill and get support all from the ease of your fingertips. Learn more and download today!

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Whole home coverage

Never worry about your signal again. Take control of your Wi-Fi with the OEC Fiber mobile app.

No more worrying.

With our services, you’re always in control. Set schedules, block websites, monitor screentime and more with the new OEC Fiber mobile app.

*GigaSpire required

Enhanced security on the house.

Protect the devices your virus blocker missed. Get enhanced protection on us with the OEC Fiber mobile app. Relax and enjoy, we’ll keep an eye on the rest.

*GigaSpire required

Monthly Bill Calculator

Want to see what your bill will look like? Use our monthly bill calculator to customize your service packages or make adjustments to your existing service to see what OEC Fiber will cost before you make the changes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Service Fee Updatedown arrow

Starting November 1st, when you add new services to your existing fiber account, there will $75 service fee to cover the cost of installation. This fee will be applied if a technician is required for installation.


To add services please give us a call at (405) 217-6868

How can I improve my Wi-Fi?down arrow

Wi-Fi issues can be complex which is why we have an app that can diagnose and troubleshoot your home network issues. such as:

  • Speed issues
  • Video buffering
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage issues
  • Devices that drop off the network

Download the app below or Click here for more information.

Download Apple App

Download Google App

Fiber Bill Explanation of Termsdown arrow

The following is an explanation of billing terms and the charges associated with them.

911 fee – A fee that OEC Fiber collects to cover costs of providing 911 emergency service. Providing 911 service is required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The fee is charged per telephone access line or a percentage of revenue.

FCC regulatory charge –  This fee is a monthly surcharge billed to subscribers to recover regulatory fees paid by OEC Fiber to the Federal Corporation Commission (FCC). According to sections 6(a) and 9(b) of the Communications Act, as amended, require the Commission to assess and collect regulatory fees every fiscal year to recover the Commission’s costs of carrying out its functions. These functions include enforcement activities,

Federal universal service fund – This fee is a monthly surcharge billed to subscribers to recover the funds it pays to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on interstate services to support the FCC’s universal service programs. The FCC regulates this charge; reviewing and adjusting the fee quarterly based on the FCC’s quarterly FUSF contribution factor. The FCC uses the fund to help keep local telephone rates affordable for all subscribers, support telecommunications services in schools, public libraries, and rural health-care facilities and subsidize local service to high-cost areas and low-income subscribers. *This charge does not apply to Lifeline subscribers.*

Franchise charge – A local franchise authority may impose a financial obligation on OEC Fiber to support public, educational and government programming channels in your area. Depending upon the specific provisions included in the local franchise agreement between your community and OEC Fiber, the fee is either based on the percentage of OEC Fiber TV revenue generated in your local franchise area, a per subscriber amount, or a lump sum payment.

Installation charge – Installation charges generally appear on your first bill in the One Time Charges section. It is normally billed over three months. Installation examples include adding additional wires and jacks or outlets for phone, internet or TV service.

Late fee – Fees billed to the account when there is an overdue balance from the previous month’s bill.

Partial monthly charges – OEC Fiber bills services one month in advance. If your services are activated in the middle of the monthly bill cycle, OEC Fiber will bill for the partial month as well as the following full month. EXAMPLE: If your statement date (bill cycle) is on the 15th day of each month and your service is activated on the 1st, your partial month charges would be for 15 days of service from the 1st up to the 15th. If a change is made in the Activation Date of your order, OEC Fiber will adjust your Partial Month Charges and Credits based on the new date and number of days in the Partial Month.

State universal service fund – This fee is a monthly surcharge billed to subscribers to recover the state universal service fee paid by OEC Fiber to states on applicable services. The funds are used to help keep local telecommunication rates affordable for all subscribers, support telecommunications services in schools, public libraries, and rural health-care facilities, and subsidize local services to high-cost areas and low-income subscribers.

Telecommunications sales tax – Government agencies impose and OEC Fiber collects taxes from purchasers of specified products and services. These taxes include state, county and city sales taxes as well as taxes collected by special purpose district agencies and mass transit agencies (MTA). The products subject to tax and the amount of the tax varies by area.

Plume HomePass – App User Guidedown arrow

What is the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz?down arrow

2.4 GHz is more commonly used with older devices. It has a longer signal range, but can be more susceptible to interference from other wireless equipment like Bluetooth and baby monitors.

5 GHz is used by newer devices. It has a shorter signal range and may require repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders, but it runs at a much faster speed.

OEC Fiber’s network equipment provides both options and automatically connects your devices to the signal that provides the best connection.

Looking to optimize your home Wi-Fi network? Try our OEC Fiber Support App

Why do I need a gig?down arrow

With up to 1,000 megabits per second upload and download speeds, our Fiber Gig plan offers enough bandwidth for everyone in your home or office and all your devices.

What can you do with that much bandwidth?

Technology is advancing every day. Even today, there are many use cases in which having gigabit capability enables you to do so much more. For example:

  • Streaming videos, movies, and TV shows.For some users with broadband connections, this is available to you today. However, with a gigabit connection, you can stream high-definition (HD) video content with little to no delays or buffering. More content continues to be available in HD quality, and you can see this trend with videos on YouTube. Not only can you stream video content, but you can also do so at amazing speeds. This means less time waiting and more time enjoying your favorite shows and movies.
  • Improved online experience for multiple users and devices connected to your network. Have you ever signed into a public wireless network and experienced slow browsing speeds due to the number of users signed on? This same issue happens in consumers’ homes every day as more devices (smartphones, TVs, gaming systems, computers, tablets and so on) connect to the web. As more devices sign onto your network using your bandwidth, each user’s speed decreases. With OEC Fiber, this is less of a concern because our speeds are much faster.
  • Video conferencing. Video conferencing is becoming more popular every day. Without sufficient speeds, video quality is poor and users can experience frequent disconnects or frozen pictures. With our Fiber Gig plan, these types of problems are no longer an issue, even if your video conference has several people connected at once.
  • Download and upload files, photos, and videos at incredible speeds. Most smartphones have high-powered cameras that can take amazing shots. These high-quality images increase the size of every photo or video file. When uploading these files to social networks or to the cloud, each file can take minutes to hours, depending on the file size. With a Fiber Gig connection, we cut these download and upload times down to seconds.
  • Play games. Online gaming is growing in popularity, and new games with high-quality video content require fast, stable connections, with low latency. With a Fiber Gig plan, you can play online games seamlessly.

Fun facts

With a gigabit connection, you can:

  • Stream—without buffering—at least 5 ultra high-definition videos (4K) simultaneously and still have enough bandwidth to send emails, play games, and surf the web.
  • Transfer data over the Internet faster than you can write data to a thumb drive.
  • Download data as fast as many computers can save the data to a hard drive.
  • Download an entire digital movie (14 GB) in a little under 2 minutes.

Internet Plans and Pricingdown arrow

How do I know if fiber is available in my area?down arrow

More information about OEC Fiber network equipmentdown arrow

How do I change my Wi-Fi password?down arrow

The best way to change your Wi-Fi password is with the OEC Fiber app.



How do I reset my network equipment?down arrow

Locate the recessed button on the back of your router. It will be labeled either “Reset” or show a reset icon on the button.

Press and hold the button for 15-20 seconds.

The lights on the front of the router should blink off briefly to let you know the equipment has been reset. If it does not, continue holding the button for a few more seconds. If you still do not see the lights blink off, release the button for five seconds before trying again.

Once the light has blinked off, release the reset button and wait for the router to fully reset. This process can take up to 3 minutes. You may see the lights come on and off during this process. Wait for the power light to be solid for a full minute to indicate the reset is complete.

To access additional network information and settings, download the OEC Fiber app.

Can I use my own router with OEC Fiber?down arrow

OEC Fiber offers outstanding network equipment at no additional cost. Our GigaCenter and GigaSpire maximize your coverage and allow us to better assist you when needed. Using your own equipment will limit the support we are able to provide.




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