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OEC Fiber: Local Legacy

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Oklahoma Electric Cooperative was founded to fill a need. Bringing electricity to rural Oklahoma revolutionized the way we live. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity. 84 years later, OEC Fiber is stepping up to fill the next great need. Reliable broadband.

Long before OEC Fiber put its first fiber cable in the ground, OEC sent a survey to its members asking them what they could do better. What did the area need that they could provide? The overwhelming response was the internet.

Three Year Fiberversary

It’s hard to believe so many people have little to no access to reliable high-speed internet. But much like electricity in the ’30s, the cost of bringing broadband to rural areas is not something most companies are willing to take on. That’s part of what makes OEC Fiber so different.

We care about more than just selling our services. Concern for community is a founding principle of both OEC and OEC Fiber. That is why we are committed to giving back to the people we serve. We reinvest in the community by sponsoring local events and participating in events like United Way’s Day of Caring, a day dedicated to volunteering with various non-profits that improve lives in our area.

OEC and OEC Fiber teams volunteer for Day of Caring

Because we live and work in the areas we serve, we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Our office in Norman is filled with some of the best subscriber and technical support representatives you will ever find. Each one understands the unique challenges people in our area face because they deal with those same issues every day.

Outages are few and far between thanks to our fiber’s unmatched reliability. But on the rare occasion an outage does occur, our crews will often be on-site in a matter of minutes. This rapid response keeps any outages we do have to a minimum. We don’t want our subscribers to worry about going without service for an extended period. Keeping everything right here in Norman helps us do that.

Being local is about more than being close by. It’s about understanding needs, taking care of our neighbors, and giving back. With OEC Fiber, you don’t have to worry about where your service is coming from.

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