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OEC Fiber Zone Map

Our zone map below shows the OEC service territory and where OEC Fiber services are now available. The green zones below are just the start – we will continue to open zones in all areas of our territory to eventually serve all OEC members and other subscribers along the way.

Why Zones?

Dividing our territory into zones helps our crews connect certain areas to OEC Fiber services as the main line in that area is ready. Our zones follow the electrical path in most instances, which can seem pretty random and be a bit confusing. This is a giant project, so breaking up the construction into smaller areas helps us with the overall project’s management.

What if I'm not in one of the green zones?

Just because you aren’t in an open zone right now doesn’t mean service won’t be available to you sooner rather than later. We will be opening up service in areas throughout our service territory as soon as we can, which may end up looking pretty random. Also, we won’t slow down the build out while we are connecting other subscribers to our services – we will have crews working at full speeds throughout our territory to get fiber services to your area as quickly as possible.

What if I'm just outside of a green zone?

Not quite yet. We know it can be frustrating to be so close to an opened zone, but there is a method to the madness. Many times, being on the border of an opened zone means you are on a different electrical path in that area. We can’t just loop you into the opened zone because it doesn’t work with the system design.

Why can my neighbor can sign up but I can't?

Since our zones follow the electric path in most areas, there are often times some houses or businesses can sign up but others nearby can’t. This doesn’t mean we’re skipping you, however! We appreciate your patience and understand how confusing it can be, but we are often still working towards your area. Be sure to sign up for updates to stay in the loop with information about your specific location. You can also spread the word to your neighbors to sign up for updates.

How will you know to come to my neighborhood?

Signing up for updates and spreading the word to your neighbors is the best way to make sure we’ll be coming to your neighborhood when we’re ready to install fiber in your area. If there is a lot of interest surrounding your home or business (which is determined by mapping those signed up for updates), we will know that you’re waiting on us to make it to you. This helps us bring you service faster, so make sure to spread the word to your neighbors and friends!

How quickly can you get here?

How quickly we make it to your home or business depends on many, many factors. Our entire system build out is essentially a huge construction project, so variables like weather can impact our timelines. We assure you that we are working as quickly as possible to safely bring our services to your street. Remember, our entire system will take 5-7 years to build out and we’ll have enough line to stretch all the way from OKC to Athens, Greece when we’re all finished!

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