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New Year, New Lineup

The landscape of TV is constantly changing. Shows start and stop. TV channels change names. They even combine with other networks to create a whole new one. Sometimes, channels are even sunset, taken off the air. All of these things are on the way for OEC Fiber TV in the new year.

NBC Sports (channel 108) will go off the air permanently on January 1. NBC Universal will move the channel’s programming to USA. This will not take away from their existing shows. You can still enjoy those day-long Law & Order: SVU marathons. You’re just going to have even more variety in the same place.

The DIY Network is getting a new name!

DIY (channel 305) will officially become the Magnolia Network on January 5. This sensational network is built on the unique vision of Chip and Joanna Gaines. With the new name comes new original programming, running alongside the shows you already know and love. 

Exciting new originals such as Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, Restoration Road with Clint Harp, Home Work, The Lost Kitchen, Family Dinner, The Johnnyswim Show and Super Dad will air alongside fan-favorites like Maine Cabin Masters, Restoring Galveston and Barnwood Builders.

A few other channels are getting a facelift too. What they show isn’t going to change. Just what you call them and see in the corner of your screen.

Hillsong (channel 15) will become TBN Inspire on January 1, and INSP (channel 230) is getting a new logo on January 11.

It’s a brand new lineup for a shiny new year! Let’s watch together on OEC Fiber TV.

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  1. To this date we still are not able to receive channel 844 Starz Westerns. This was is the major channel we signed up for. We can get the other Starz channels however this one rarely loads up and if by chance it does it is not long before we get the 404 error code and changing channls does not help the issue.

    1. Hi Dennis. We apologize for the issues you’re having with this station. Thank you for making sure we are aware of them. Our team is looking into why there are continued issues with channel 844. We will continue to work diligently on this issue until it is fixed. Thank you.

    1. Hi Charles. While we do not currently offer this network, you can request it by filling out the Channel Suggestion Form. This lets us see the demand for the network so that we can move forward with possibly adding it to our offerings. Thanks.

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