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Outdoor and Sportsman Channels Offer Free Preview

There’s nothing like the great outdoors! We’re happy to announce that the Outdoor Channel (channel 150) and the Sportsman Channel (channel 151) are offering a free preview to all OEC Fiber TV subscribers from September 1 to September 30 at no additional cost. It even includes Deer Week!

And the best part? No sign-up is required. The preview will start and stop automatically with no obligation whatsoever. No calling us to cancel, no unexpected charges, just great outdoor programming. 

If you do not have the Outdoor Channel (channel 150) or the Sportsman Channel (channel 151) included in your current subscription and want to continue enjoying them at the end of the preview, you can make changes to your TV package by calling our office at 405-217-6868. Just ask to upgrade to our Advanced TV package with the Sports Plus add-on!  

Bring the great outdoors into your living room and let’s watch together on OEC Fiber TV! 

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