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Secure Your Smartphone: Essential Data Protection Tips

Secure Phone Data

In the digital age, we have to prioritize protecting our online data. Unfortunately, most people limit their safety measures to their computers. But what about cell phones? We carry these mini-supercomputers with us wherever we go. We do our shopping, banking and even doctor’s visits on our phones, so why wouldn’t we want to protect that data?


Taking a few simple steps to secure your mobile data can go a long way to keeping your personal information secure.


Stay Up with Updates


Updates are annoying, but they are important. Those pesky operating system updates do more than improve function; they enhance safety. Updates often contain patches that solidify defenses and patch holes in the system that make your information vulnerable to attack.


Take your time with your phone’s security. System operators tailor updates to combat potential threats and protect your data. Neglecting these crucial updates leaves your information at risk. Stay ahead of cyber threats, just like you would on your computer, keeping your data safe and secure.


Protect Your Password


How many times have we heard never to use a password twice? And yet, we still do it. Remembering passwords is hard! Add in requirements like character length, numbers, capital letters and special characters makes it the perfect storm of frustration.


Instead of resetting your password every time you log in, try a password manager like 1PasswordDashlane or LastPass.


These password managers can generate and save your passwords, so you don’t have to remember them. Some can even share passwords between family members to give everyone involved access!


Some phones have built-in password managers with autofill. Check your phone’s settings to find and enable this handy tool.


Lock That Screen 


While swiping up to open your phone may be easy, it provides little security. Enhance your phone’s security with advanced locking options. These can include drawing a pattern with your finger, entering a personal identification number (PIN), facial recognition or even fingerprints.


Make it a habit to click the side button on your phone to lock it every time you stop using it. It’s small, but it can be the difference between protecting your data and unknowingly sharing it with the world.


Our cell phones contain a plethora of data about our day-to-day lives that cybercriminals would love to get their hands on. Keep your personal information safe by taking a few simple precautions, and keep hackers from accessing valuable data stored on your cell phone.

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