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Internet TV Phone Business

Home phone is nothing new.

Until you’ve experienced it with an OEC Fiber connection.

Great reception and a ton of features, including unlimited nationwide calling, caller ID, and call forwarding.

Single Phone Line

Unlimited local and nationwide calling

Crystal clear connection

Enhanced 911 service

Transfer your number

Additional Line

Need Another Line? No problem. Same Great Features


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Why OEC Fiber phone?

Ultra-reliable home phone service with a crystal-clear fiber connection.

  • Unlimited Local and Nationwide Calling
  • 100% Fiber, Crystal Clear Connection
  • Enhanced 911 Services
  • Transfer Your Number
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Want to see what your bill will look like? Use our monthly bill calculator to customize your service packages or make adjustments to your existing service to see what OEC Fiber will cost before you make the changes.

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Want to experience how OEC Fiber can improve your communication with crystal-clear phone calls for your business?

Elevate your business today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fax line the same price as a phone line?

Yes, most fax machine requires a standard phone line. Initial phone lines are $30 a month.  A second line is $20 a month. If you only want a line for your fax machine, it would be $30 a month. If you are adding a fax line to your existing OEC Fiber Phone service, it would be $20 a month for that line.

OEC Fiber Home Phone Starcode Guide

OEC Fiber Home Phone Quick Reference Guide

OEC Fiber Home Phone Nomorobo

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