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OEC Fiber: True Reliability

Why is fiber to the home such a big deal? There is a ton of messaging out there telling us how great fiber is, but what makes it so much better? One word. Reliability.

We all want to know that our internet is going to work. We don’t want to deal with heavy rain disrupting our service or glitches and lagging websites ruining our online experience. We want a crystal-clear, reliable connection that lets us surf the web to our heart’s content.

Fiber-optic cables provide the most reliable connection possible.

One of the biggest complaints people have regarding reliability is rain fade. Heavy rainfall saturating the ground can cause water to get into buried utility lines, causing a disruption in the signal that can cause services like Wi-Fi to go in and out.

Fiber-optic cables make this a thing of the past. They are made of glass and covered with a special material that stops rain fade in its tracks. So no matter the weather, your signal stays strong.

Then, there’s latency. Latency is the amount of time it takes a signal to get from point A to point B. Whenever you do something online (Google search, check social media, etc.), latency affects how quickly you see what you ask for.

To have lower latency, you must have a strong, stable connection. Copper’s signal can vary widely from moment to moment. That delays data access and causes a higher latency, leading to jitters and glitching.

Fiber is consistent. It transmits information at the speed of light, reducing latency and all the not-so-fun things that come along with it.

So, now we know fiber offers the best connection, but what makes OEC Fiber so different?

Most companies offering fiber service only run the fiber-optic cable to a certain point. OEC Fiber is dedicated to having a fiber network that runs fiber all the way from our home in Norman to yours. This gives you the fastest, most reliable connection possible.

There are a lot of things to love about fiber to the home. It offers more reliability, stronger signals, and a better overall experience. With OEC Fiber, you don’t have to worry about how reliable your internet will be.

We’ve got you covered.

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  1. Interested in internet in rural Ninnekah area.

    1. Hi Nathan! The best thing to do is to sign up for updates and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same. This helps us track interest and ensures you are notified as soon as the service is available in your area.


    1. Hey Carol! We’re working to get everyone up and running as quickly as we can. Make sure you sign up for updates so you know as soon as it is available!

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