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7 Remote Careers for Recent Graduates

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Now that graduation is over, many new college grads are wondering what’s next. Finding a job that takes you where you want to go can be tough. But fast fiber internet means you don’t have to be stuck in one place for work with the growing array of remote careers.


Let’s explore seven remote career paths perfect for recent graduates!


  1. Web Developer


As a web developer (aka website designer), you can flex your creative muscles by creating and developing websites for businesses and clients. This career requires a unique blend of artistic skills to prepare aesthetically pleasing webpages, organizational know-how to plan an effective layout and technical chops to ensure websites are responsive, fast and bug-free.


  1. Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical engineers are in hot demand for their tech-savvy and mathematical prowess. Though advanced degrees are often required, mechanical engineering remains among the highest-paid remote careers available. With the right hardware and software, most mechanical engineers can perform their tasks remotely.


  1. Paralegal and Legal Assistant


The legal field’s need for organizational masters continues to grow. As a paralegal or legal assistant, you’ll provide crucial support services for law offices. The best part? Many states do not require a four-year college degree and allow you to work remotely from another state.


  1. Nurse Practitioner


With their advanced training, nurse practitioners are bridging gaps in healthcare – often virtually. Telehealth has exploded in recent years. Approximately 76% of hospitals in the U.S. use some form of telemedicine. Demand proves so high that many nurse practitioners earn six-figure salaries with ease!


  1. Digital and Content Marketer


Digital and content marketing jobs require solid writing and communication skills, knowledge of search engine optimization and general artistic creativity to develop compelling online content. With web and coding knowledge, you can earn a comfortable living showcasing your communication brilliance.


  1. Graphic Designer


Especially suited to the more artistically attuned, graphic designers create everything from logos and product labels to imagery for websites and social media. Depending on the specialization a would-be graphics designer has, they require computer hardware that can handle some of the heftier software and applications needed to bring their ideas to life.


  1. Psychologist and/or Mental Health Counselor


If helping others proves to be your calling, psychology and counseling may be for you. Obtaining a four-year bachelor’s degree remains the minimum requirement for entry into this field, with the most dedicated acquiring at least a master’s degree or even a PhD or PsyD. State licensing requirements, including exams, and the minimum number of supervised clinical internship hours vary state by state. Be sure to check these when pursuing this avenue.


These seven career paths open doors to fulfilling lives college grads can achieve from home. Of course, hundreds of jobs enable remote performance, and these seven merely scratch the surface! A strong internet connection from OEC Fiber will poise new graduates to take on the world while enjoying all the comforts of home.


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