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RouteThis Certify

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Learn how we optimize your home network during the install process

for whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

Your World Connected

The average home today has over 25 internet connected devices; everything from lightbulbs to thermostats, TVs, and more. To keep these devices connected to your network, you need to have the best coverage possible in every room.

Homes come in every shape and size and each one requires a custom solution to make sure you’re optimizing your digital footprint. Other factors like microwaves, electronic devices, obstacles, and even wall construction can change how well your critical devices can connect to your network.



During installation, our technicians use a system called RouteThis Certify to optimize your connection from every room. This ensures you will have the best connection by scanning your home for dead spots and mapping your coverage area.

RouteThis Process

Eliminate Deadspots

Nothing is more frustrating than having a great connection but losing signal in the areas of your home where you need it most.


Placement of your home equipment is crucial to ensuring a reliable connection. The RouteThis Certify process produces a real-time home layout map that will help ensure connectivity throughout your home.

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