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Filling the Gaps: How ProtectIQ Helps Keep Your Network Secure

Everything from your laptop to your mobile phone can chip away at your online security. Even your security cameras can transform into a security risk.

On average, OEC Fiber subscribers have 5-10 devices connected to their Wi-Fi at any point in time. That is not just computers and phones. That is TVs, cameras, doorbells; the list goes on.

Hackers can use any of these connections to access your personal information. There are some basic cybersecurity practices to help keep you cyber-safe. Installing an anti-virus or malware-detecting program is fantastic, but those only cover the devices they are downloaded on.

What are you doing to protect the rest of your devices?

Protecting subscribers is a top priority for OEC Fiber. ProtectIQ in the OEC Fiber app picks up where other security measures leave off. It is whole-home security designed to give you peace of mind.

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Hackers don’t rest. Your Wi-Fi security shouldn’t either.

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