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Wi-Fi is an essential part of our lives. It has become more than just a way to connect ourselves with the world. We use it for work just as often as we do for entertainment. The list of Wi-Fi’s potential uses is endless. But what more can our internet do to make our lives easier?

It can be smarter.

Not every home has the same internet needs. Some people need it to run their home office; others want it for gaming. Regardless of how you use it, few things are as frustrating as not having enough bandwidth to do what you want with your Wi-Fi. The OEC Fiber app lets you control where your traffic goes. It allows you to set priorities and usage schedules that direct your network traffic flow to the things you find the most important, giving them the focus so you never have to worry about something else taking away your bandwidth.

It can be faster.

Fiber optic cable is the fastest, most reliable method of internet transmission. Made up of hundreds of individual strands measuring no larger than a human hair, it can move data using pulses of light. That means it is moving at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second. It is literally moving at the speed of light.

It can be safer.

Cyber threats are on the rise. Any device connected to the internet is a potential gateway into your network. Installing malware and virus protection on your computer is a great way to help guard against attack, but what about your video doorbell? Or your smart TV? This is where OEC Fiber steps in. The OEC Fiber app comes with something called ProtectIQ. It is a 24/7 internet watchman. It’s multi-layered protection for your most vulnerable devices. It even alerts you when attacks are blocked!

OEC Fiber is not your average Wi-Fi. It’s smarter, faster and safer than your standard internet options. It lets you build the network your family needs, runs at the speed of light, and protects you from cyber threats. OEC Fiber is more than just internet. It’s an investment in your future.

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