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OEC Fiber: Light Speed

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When people talk about their internet service, they always want to talk about their speed. They talk about gig service, 5G and all that goes with it. It’s all about how fast the uploads and downloads are. But why does that matter? Functionality.

Your internet speed has a direct impact on what you can do with your connection. Pulling up something on Wikipedia may not require a lot of speed, but if your internet is slow, it can take a while for it to load. Streaming your favorite show or movie needs a bit more. Slow connections lead to buffering and grainy images. Video games? If you have a slow connection, you can forget about it. The game will glitch and disrupt your gaming experience.

We all want internet that is fast and reliable. We want the ability to download, stream, and surf without restrictions. OEC Fiber moves at the speed of light with matching upload and download speeds and no data caps or throttling to slow you down.

Learn How the Internet Has Evolved

Data caps were initially designed to help keep up with demand as more and more people came online. Once someone reaches their limit, they could be charged a fee for the additional usage or have their speeds purposefully slowed down. OEC Fiber doesn’t do any of that.

Our network is built to last and has your entire household in mind. No data caps mean you don’t have to worry about how much you use the internet. We won’t throttle your speed or charge you more for using the service. You’re already paying for it. You should be able to use it as much as you want.

Being #FiberFast means you never have to worry about how fast your internet will be ever again. Our light speed service is more than enough.

OEC Fiber. We’ve got you covered.

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