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Strike a Cord: Reasons to Switch to Streaming TV

Strike a Cord

While many people are eager to finally cut the cord—and their cable bill—by switching to streaming TV, some are concerned about missing out on the features and channels they love the most.

But don’t worry. We have good news.

You can enjoy live TV through streaming. Even better, a wide variety of options are available to help you and your family get the live-streaming TV experience you want.

From news and live sports to concerts and live music, you can enjoy all the best live TV through streaming apps and platforms on your smart TV, tablet or other devices.

With high-speed fiber internet, you can stream the best live television content with outstanding, pristine picture quality—without a high-cost cable bill.

Experience Live TV Through Streaming

Nearly 85% of U.S. homes have a streaming subscription. When most people think of these services, they automatically go to “on-demand” apps like Max or Netflix where they can log in and pick out a TV series to binge or a movie to watch any time.

But these aren’t the only options. You can enjoy live TV through streaming services too. This includes live shows broadcasted on networks, sports and 24-hour news channels. Streaming technology enables you to watch all this content live just like you would with cable—only without the cable box, cord and overpriced bill!

With more than 200 streaming services available, finding the right fit for the right price is challenging. That’s where the MyBundle tool comes in. This free tool helps sort through the chaos and find the service(s) you need based on what you want to watch.

OEC Fiber TV

We offer our very own streaming TV service! OEC Fiber TV gives you two base packages to choose from, the premium channels you crave and a variety of add-ons to help you build the channel lineup that works best for you. Add in 100 hours of DVR, and you are set to enjoy your favorite shows whenever you want.

OEC Fiber TV has individual profiles, allowing parents to set controls for each family member. And, just like other streaming services, you can download the app and watch OEC Fiber TV everywhere you go!

And the best part, no more juggling bills! OEC electric members can pay electricity and fiber bills in one fell swoop through the MyOEC app or online.

Introducing MyBundle

Not sure OEC Fiber TV is the best fit? That’s okay. OEC Fiber wants to be your trusted ally in the streaming world. That’s why we are bringing you the exciting MyBundle tool. It has multiple features to help you find the streaming apps, entertainment and programming you want, all while streamlining your budget.

Taking the quiz gives you customized selections based on the content your family wants to see most. It even compares services side by side to find the service(s) that work best for you. You can compare their channel lineups, prices, DVR capacities and other features to ensure you have the service you need.

Other Popular Options on MyBundle

One of the most popular live TV streaming apps, YouTube TV is loaded with over 100 channels you’ll recognize and likely watch with your cable or satellite subscription. You’ll get all the live news stations and the main networks: ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. It’s a bit pricier than other live TV options, but the DVR and digital programming guide are features families love.

Another well-liked live TV streaming service is Hulu + Live TV. It combines Hulu’s award-winning on-demand entertainment with the best of live TV. With 70+ channels, it is less extensive than the previous option, but it can be combined with Disney+ and ESPN+ to create something special for everyone in the family.

FuboTV caters to sports fans with its wide-ranging access to live sports. You can choose from one of FuboTV‘s two plans. Its base package includes more than 120 channels. It does not include CNN, AMC, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, truTV and WETV. So keep that in mind when choosing your service(s).

As you can see, thanks to streaming with fiber internet, families don’t have to miss out on live TV when they cut the cord. The MyBundle tool can help you find the perfect streaming option(s) for you and your family. Save time, money and hassle. And no matter which streaming service(s) you choose, OEC Fiber’s gig service will keep your streaming buffer free for hours on end. It’s that simple. Just cut the cord.

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