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OEC Fiber Support App

OEC Fiber Support App

OEC Fiber Support App

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Easily diagnose Wi-Fi issues and improve your home network anytime, day or night with the OEC Fiber Support App.

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Speed Issues

If you're noticing your Internet speed is lower than it should be, OEC Fiber Support can diagnose what may be causing it.

Landing Page  Video Buffering

Video Buffering

If your video spends more time loading than playing, you may have issues with your network .

Landing Page  DevicesDroppingOffNetwork

Devices Dropping Off

If you find your devices are randomly dropping off your network there may be an easy way to solve it.

Landing Page  Wi Fi Coverage Issues

Wi-Fi Coverage Issues

Is your Wi-Fi not following you throughout your home? OEC Fiber Support can examine your network to see if there are any ways to boost your signal.

Support App Steps

We're here if you need us

If you need further help, we’re here 24/7


Running a scan first is helpful and will speed up the troubleshooting process. 


After your scan, you’ll see a unique code in the top right corner of the screen that our techs can use to troubleshoot the issue.

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