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Welcome to OEC Fiber TV!

We have worked hard to create a one-of-a-kind experience that still offers you the same features you’ve come to enjoy from your previous TV provider. With customizable packages for any budget, it’s time to cut the cord.


40+ Channels

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Includes all of your favorite HD local channels and more!

100 hours of DVR included

Stream TV anywhere with watchTVeverywhere™


93+ Channels

+90 View All

Includes the Starter Package plus national favorites like Food Network ™, ESPN™, Discovery™ and many more!

100 hours of DVR included

Stream TV anywhere with watchTVeverywhere™

Add-On Packages

Customize your Advanced Package with any combination of Add-On Packages you and your family will love.

All package add-ons are $5/mo each

Movies Plus

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Sports Plus

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Sports & Info

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TV Más

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Add any of these to your Starter or Advanced Package for the ultimate viewing experience.


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Starz Encore

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Includes HBO Max subscription & the following channels

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Why OEC Fiber TV?

  • Robust Parental Controls
  • Viewer-Minded User Experience
  • Commitment to No More Buffering
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Monthly Bill Calculator

Want to see what your bill will look like? Use our monthly bill calculator to customize your service packages or make adjustments to your existing service to see what OEC Fiber will cost before you make the changes.

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OEC Fiber TV News

Frequently Asked Questions

TV How To Videos & Troubleshooting

For further help with Fiber TV, check out our YouTube Playlist of support videos.

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What is a Sun Outage?

If you notice channels being briefly interrupted, it could be from sun outages. Twice a year, around October and March, the sun aligns so that TV satellites are directly between the sun and the receiving dishes.

The sun’s rays overwhelm the satellite signal, causing brief outages for about 10 minutes per day for about a week. The time of the outage varies by which satellite a channel is using, but they are generally in the late afternoon. If you notice a channel is out longer than about 10 minutes, please contact technical support at (405) 217-6868.

How to activate watchTVeverywhere™?

1. Go to www.watchTVeverywhere.com.

2. Select OEC Fiber TV as your provider from the dropdown list at the top of the screen.

3. Click “Register”.

4. Enter your OEC Fiber TV account number and the last name on your account.

Note: the first registered user for watchTVeverywhere™ must be the named account holder, age 18 or older and will be considered the Primary User.

5. Complete the form and click “Submit”.

6. Check your email for a message from watchTVeverywhere™ and click the validation link in the message.

7. You can now log in, see which networks are available for your account and start watching.

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