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Subscriber Update #10: TV and Phone Coming March 23rd!

It’s been a few months since we last published an update about OEC Fiber TV. Back in October, we announced our plans, features, channel lineups and pricing. Until now, everything was “coming soon”. We are excited to announce we will be launching OEC Fiber TV and phone services to the public on March 23rd!

Since it’s been a while since we discussed OEC Fiber TV and even longer since we’ve mentioned our phone services, let’s dig into both of those services a bit more with a recap of our plans, features and pricing.

OEC Fiber TV

OEC Fiber TV offers you that familiar traditional cable TV experience with the reliability of our OEC Fiber network. This means no more fading signals in bad weather and ZERO rain delay. Since we believe in offering products built specifically with our subscribers in mind, this also means tons of features included at no additional monthly charge.

Each OEC Fiber TV package includes the following features:

? 100 hours of cloud-based DVR storage

? HD channels

? One set top box and remote control

? 3 simultaneous streams

? Video on Demand

? Replay TV

? Play from Beginning

? watchTVeverywhere™

? Personalization

OEC Fiber TV Plans and Pricing

We have structured our packages to allow our subscribers to customize their TV channel lineup as much as possible. Begin by choosing from our Starter or Advanced plan, then begin customizing by adding Add-Ons or Premium channel packages.

Check out the buttons below to see what we’ll be offering:

Residential OEC Fiber TV plans and pricing

Business OEC Fiber TV plans and pricing to come!

OEC Fiber Phone

We will be offering phone services using our fiber lines to provide crystal-clear unlimited local and nationwide calling. We won’t nickel and dime you by charging you by the minute – our phone services are truly unlimited.

We also include a bunch of fantastic features to add more value to your phone services. Check out the buttons below to see what we’ll be offering:

Residential Phone plans and pricing

Business phone plans and pricing

How do I sign up for OEC Fiber TV and phone services?

We will be opening up OEC Fiber TV and phone services to public sign up on March 23rd. Beginning on that date, you will be able to sign up for internet, TV and phone services as long as you are in an open zone. We will continue to open zones in the meantime.

We have worked with Trans-Tel, our contractor, to ensure we have enough crews to continue opening zones at the same pace while we work to launch TV and phone services. Beginning on March 23rd, all zones that are opened will be able to sign up for all three services.

I’m still waiting on my zone to open

We work with Trans-Tel every day to ensure we are always keeping up the pace to connect as many subscribers to our 100% fiber network as quickly as possible. We will continue to work 7 days a week to get more zones ready to open.

As you may have heard, we have been working to condense this 5-7 year project down into a 2-3 year project and are very much on track to make that happen. While it can seem like a long time if you’re still waiting for your zone to open, know that we are working continuously to improve our processes to get you and your neighbors connected sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our new website! We have updated our pages and will continue to add pages and information to help our current and future subscribers. Our new zone map is even searchable, so you can now see where you fall in relation to our open zones.

OEC Fiber TV and phone services won’t be slowing us down one bit!

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