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Subscriber Update #3: Our Progress and Process

It’s been a little over a month since we last touched base with everyone, but you can rest assured we are moving as quickly as we can through the construction and build out process as well as our internal strategies for communications, billing, and customer service. We are working hard to ensure you receive the quality in service, reliability and customer care with OEC Fiber that you know and expect from Oklahoma Electric Cooperative.



We are continuing work on our fiber optic network ring construction, which is the infrastructure that connects your homes and businesses to our substations (or fiber huts, as we like to refer to them). Ring 1 is nearing completion and Ring 5 is gearing up to get started. While the rings themselves might be close to complete, this doesn’t quite mean we’re ready to hook you up just yet. Here’s a very general overview of the construction process we will need to complete before coming out to install fiber inside of your home or business:

  1. Build out the fiber optic network rings, which serve as the communication network between our fiber huts.
  2. Pull distribution lines from our fiber huts to fiber pedestals in your neighborhoods, which houses the many lines that will then be split up to bring you fiber to the side of your home or business.
  3. Complete a fiber drop, which is our term for bringing your personal fiber lines from the fiber pedestal to the side of your home or business. Your fiber line will be housed in a Network Interface Device (“NID”), which is a small box attached to an outside wall of your home or business.


Moving Day!

We are nearly finished setting up our fiber hut buildings, which house equipment to help bring you high-speed internet. This past week, we began moving in to a few of our huts with our network equipment. We are so excited to be a couple of steps closer to getting our infrastructure hooked up and prepared to bring out to your homes and businesses.

Timeframe to Receiving Services

Once our fiber optic network rings are built out, we will be able to begin hooking up homes and businesses that lie within an approximate 500-foot radius of the ring lines. The map on our website reflects very general ring lines, which has had to evolve a bit as we meet real world construction issues. And don’t worry if you aren’t in that approximate 500-foot radius – it doesn’t mean we won’t be hooking you up! It just means you may need to be a bit more patient as we continue to build out to you.

A number of factors are considered as we decide build-out order. We will consider density, total cost, cost per home or business passed, number of potential subscribers, cooperative communication needs, office locations and revenue projections. Areas selected for the first phase do have to be near our existing fiber optic network rings.

If there is a lot of interest surrounding your home or business (which is determined by mapping those signed up for updates), we will know that you’re waiting on us to make it to you. This helps us bring you service faster, so make sure to spread the word to your neighbors and friends!



Speaking of having your neighbors and neighboring businesses signed up, we have marketing materials available for you to help spread the word and share your excitement. You can find digital graphics here to be shared on social media and via email.

In addition, we have postcards, door hangers, and yard signs available for pick up at OEC’s main office located at 242 24th Ave. NW in Norman. You can come in to the lobby, where Member Services is located, at any time to grab as many of these materials as you would like. We can also pass them to you at the drive-thru window (as long as they can fit!).

As we continue hitting milestones on our end, we will continue to update you with more information.

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